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TrueSHOT Lighting

Flash Diffuser Light Softbox

Action ready in seconds on any external flashes, elastic strap adds versatility for bounce mounting forming indirect light,and velcro strap attaches to the camera and the diffuser spreads the light
TrueSHOT Lighting

Flash Diffuser Light Softbox
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Full, Even Exposure

Put on the TrueSHOT diffuser and you're ready for some professional shooting! The reflective-lined interior enhances your flash and spreads it out through the diffuser cloth, providing you with strong, even lighting in all of your photos! The even lighting helps to eliminate harsh reflections and fills in shadows to bring maximum exposure to your pictures. The natural lighting effect is perfect for shooting professional-looking portraits, close ups, and more

External Flash Mounting

The diffuser works with most external hotshoe flashes. Simply stretch the elastic opening in the back onto your external flash

Pop-Up Flash Mounting

If you don’t have an external flash, this diffuser also works great with most external flashes. Just slide your camera’s flash through the slit in the bottom to use the diffuser with your dslr’s onboard flash

Friendly and Portable Construction

The foldable design goes from flat to soft box in just a few seconds. An internal reflective divider allows you to convert from external to pop-up flash mounting to accommodate a wide array of cameras and flashes. And at less than an inch thick, the diffuser can fit right in your pocket when folded up