TrueSHOT Lighting Flash Diffuser Bounce Flat

Double Sided Flash Bounce Diffuser with Elastic Strap and White/Silver Reflector
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TrueSHOT Flash Bounce Diffuser Flat

Two Sided Design

As all photographers know, the subject of your photo is the most important thing. Getting the perfect lighting for your next shot is everything. The TrueSHOT Flash bounce diffuser comes with tww different color sides. The white side is the perfect diffuser to use in brighter settings, casting a soft, smooth light for great looking photos. Need some more light? No problem, flip the reflector around and you have a silver reflector. This side is perfect in low light situations where extra light is needed. It helps increase the range on your shots and produces more spectral highlights. The diffuser panel reduces shadows that eliminate the annoying "red-eye effect" and prevents excess light from bouncing off your ceiling.

External Mounting
The diffuser grip sonto most external speedlites and hotshoe flashes. Simply stretch the elastic strap onto your external flash and start snapping!

Versatile and Functional Construction

The diffuser setting works by inserting the flash under the elastic strap facing downwards and wrapping it over the front of the flash. Then, connect it to the elastic hooks on the reverse side and you're ready for action. Along with attaching the bounce diffuser normally, it also functions as a bounce card. Simply wrap the diffuser to the opposite elastic hooks and insert the flash under the strap facing upwards.

Works With:

Canon , Casio , Fujifilm , Kodak , Leica , Nikon , Olympus , Pentax , Ricoh , Samsung , Sony , Altura , Canon , Godox , Neewer , YONGNUO and more camera brands and speedlites!