Q Series QCD


Compact Camera Bag with Waterproof Rain Cover , Belt Loop & Shoulder Strap Sling
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USA Gear QCD Camera Bag

Weather Resistant Construction

The QCD’s weather resistant neoprene exterior protects your device while keeping a sleek and professional look. Covered zippers and neoprene materials allow the case to repel moisture , dirt , dust , sand and snow. Take the case to the next level of protection with the included rain cover which wraps around the case and can be used with the shoulder strap or belt loop.

Cushioned Protection and Storage

The neoprene material offers impact resistant cushion padding for your device. The interior features a scratch-resistant tricot lining to keep your camera looking like new. The multiple pockets are built to hold batteries, cables, memory cards and other small accessories.

Durable Hardware

All the hardware on the QCD is made from metal , no plastic zippers or buckles here. The included adjustable shoulder strap is easily connected to the metal D-rings on the case. Includes 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Works With:

Olympus Stylus

SH-1 , SH-2 , SH-3 , SH-50 iHS , SZ-12 , SZ-15 , SZ-16 iHS , VG-190 , VG-160 , VH-210 , VH-410 , VH-515 , VH-520 , VR-360 , VR-370 , XZ-2 iHS , XZ-1 , XZ-2 , XZ-10


TG-1 , TG-2 , TG-3 , TG-320 , TG-4 , TG-630 iHS , TG-820 iHS , TG-830 iHS , TG-850 iHS , TG-860 , TG-870


F , E-P5 , E-PL6 , E-PL7 , E-PL8

...and many other cameras!