Action Mount USA GEAR Rotating Handlebar Camera Mount

USA Gear Action Mount Series
Whether you’re surfing, sky diving, base jumping or just riding mad dunes, we have you covered. USA Gear offers many types of action mounts that attach to different surfaces, vehicles and even your body to accommodate all types of filming and photography. Every action mount comes with a 3-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • $14.99

Action Camera Handlebar Mount

USA GEAR's Action Camera Handlebar Mount is ideal for capturing footage with a steady position. Using Rubber Grips, it will clamp onto the handlebar or pole firmly. Set this mount onto a pole for stationary footage, or attach it your bike, jet ski, or other vehicles with handlebars to record yourself in action.


  • 4-level Adjustable Clamp
  • 360° Swivel Ball Joint Head
  • Standard ¼” tripod screw
  • Action Mount Adapter
  • Fits up to 1.5 inches in Diameter
  • Rubber Grips

Views from your Seat

This mount is ideal for capturing footage while riding. Record yourself or the road with clamp-tight mounting. Perfect for cycling, ATVs, motorcycles, Jet skis, snowmobiles, and can even attach to seat posts or ski poles.


Secure the hold with the 4-level adjustable clamp, to ensure a steady hold. Clamp onto poles/bars of 1.5 inches in diameter to ensure the best fit. The lined rubbed grips hold pole/bar tightly.

Variety on One Mount

The action mount adapter makes it compatible with all GoPro and action style cameras. It also comes with a tripod adapter to attach to even more cameras and mounts.