TrueSHOT Lighting Flash Diffuser Bounce Adjustable

Features Flat, extra large bounce reflection area, adjustable surface angle for reflective shovel, and foldable snoot tube
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Let There Be Light

This bounce flash diffuser is the perfect camera accessory for your speedlite (on camera or off camera). Designed with a translucent, reflective material, the diffuser provides the perfect amount of light for any situation. The soft fabric material gives it a light weight feel and lets you bend it into virtually any shape. The diffuser comes with an attached elastic strap that helps secure it to most speedlites and cameras. Its portable construction is perfect for taking with you on your next photo shoot or vacation so you'll always be able to capture your next shot in any setting

GoBo and Snoot

Looking to shield excess light from the side of your image? No problem, fold the reflector into Gobo form, which acts like open barn doors that block the light from your flash in every direction. Controlling the radius of a light beam is difficult, but forming a foldable snoot tube forms a tunnel that restricts light in any direction except where it's pointed

Shovel and Bounce Reflector

The extra large surface lets you manipulate the diffuser into a large shovel form. This gives you the ability to adjust the angle numerous ways to help control the intensity of the light. Improve the light shaping of your photographs with this versatile camera accessory