S Series S14 MTG Bag - Black

Portable MTG Bag with Custom Storage, Shoulder Strap & Padded Interior
  • $39.99

Card Deck Storage Bag

In true Planeswalker fashion, USA Gear's MTG travel bag combines realities, bringing portability and spacious storage together on the same plane of existence. The bag features a rugged carrying handle and a removable / adjustable shoulder strap for hands free travel to your local community game event or tournament. Bring your collection with you wherever you go with USA Gear.

  • Interior Dimensions: 11 x 8 x 2.5 inches (5 inch interior depth for both compartments)
  • Weather Resistant Exterior
  • Scratch Resistant Interior
  • Customizable Compartments
  • Padded Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • Store Playmats Underneath the Carrying Handle

Incredible Storage Capacity

Built to store loose cards decks holders, deck boxes, and even larger white storage boxes, your collection can go with you to tournaments, game nights, and more.

  • Up to 1200 Sleeved Cards
  • Dice, Dice Bags, & Tokens
  • Deck Boxes & Deck Holders
  • Pens, Calculator, & Notepads

Two Compartments

The clever bi-fold design offers two storage areas, both of which can be customized to have compartments of various sizes to store card holders, deck boxes, loose cards, and much more. The bag comes with hook-and-loop dividers that can be attached to either side of the case to create any custom compartment you'd like. One side of the case has an elastic security strap to hold larger deck boxes in place during travel.

Extra Storage Pocket

Bring your notepads, dice, even a power bank and charger for those long tournaments using the external zippered pocket for convenient storage. The pocket features a netted pouch to keep your accessories from moving around during travel, and is large enough to store notepads and calculators to keep track of life.

Durable & Protective

Boasting a semi-rigid structure that offers superior protection against bumps, minor drops, humidity, and most importantly, abrasive damage like scratches. The combination of a soft fabric interior and a rugged exterior gives the bag the best of both worlds: A semi-hard exterior for a durable and rugged bag and a soft interior for protection of the contents during travel and daily use. To make travel even easier, we have an adjustable detachable shoulder strap for when you need the bag on you ready to go.

Compact Travel Case

The bag is compact but can fit up to 1200 sleeved cards along with various accessories thanks to the clever interior design. The rectangular shape in combination with it's rigidity makes it great for storage on shelves, in a trunk, or eve underneath a car seat