Some might look at our TrueSHOT line and see nothing but camera straps and diffusers or other camera-focused accessories -- however, we suggest you take a closer look. We wanted to offer accessories that went the extra mile, so if you look closely, you'll see lots of additional features like extra storage pockets on the straps and diffusers that fold down. We're always trying to think of that extra feature that will truly make our TrueSHOT line shine.

USA Gear Cases

Comfort Redefined

This premium padded USA Gear TrueSHOT Neoprene camera strap is the ultimate accessory for carrying anything from micro four thirds to your favorite DSLR. Incorporating comfort and strength, the strap allows you to carry the heaviest cameras on the market without causing any discomfort. Never has it been easier to lug around your camera on an all day photo shoot or hiking adventure!

USA Gear Cases

Stability and Comfort

Break free from the uncomfortable neck strap! The USA Gear TrueSHOT DUAL GRIP Steady Shot Wrist Strap provides comfortable support, all the while enabling a firm grasp of your camera. The quick-release Velcro prevents accidental drops and offers extra hand support so you can take smoother, less blurry photos. Shoot quick shots, above crowd shots and extended photography sessions without fatigue!

USA Gear Cases

Quick-Access Sling

Whether you're a professional or just taking in the sights, the USA Gear TrueSHOT Quick Access Sling Strap takes the hassle out of photography by hanging your camera ready at your side. The strap buckle slides up and down the webbing for quick-access when you need it. Adjustable webbing length and locks allow you to control the range of motion. An included underarm strap helps to keep the shoulder pad in place and secure.