If the form-fitting, temperature and water-resistant covering of our neoprene sleeves appeals to you but you want to up the stylishness a notch, the FlexARMOR X may be the series of sleeves that appeals to you. The texturized surface of the FlexARMOR X line also serves as a sort of "bubble wrap" for your device, and retains an appealing lightweight design as well. The FlexARMOR X has proved to be a popular design with business professionals who value form as well as function.

USA Gear Cases

Durable Protection

The FlexArmor X rugged 6mm dense Neoprene sleeve case guards your tablet from drops, scratches, bumps, and scrapes. Weather-proof Neoprene material conforms to your tablet's shape to protect it. Built in accessory pocket for cables, sd cards, stylus, and other accessories. Includes a rear handle for increased portability.

USA Gear Cases

Built for Tough Terrains

This new camera case features reinforced 6MM neoprene to provide even greater protection for your camera; that is 50% thicker than most cases! The molded dense neoprene material - think of it as a super padded, rugged bubble wrap - is manufactured to absorb shock and protect from bumps and scratches. Be comfortable shooting in the mountains, capturing shots while hiking or even maneuvering amongst a rowdy crowd at a concert!

USA Gear Cases

Easy to Use and Convenient

The FlexArmor X series features reinforced Neoprene that's 50% thicker than its original design. The flexible fabric fits like a glove, snugly conforming to your gadget's shape while the padded texture cushions your device like bubble wrap. The material helps absorb shock from dings and bumps, while also withstanding the abuse from daily wear-and-tear. The case also touts a scratch-resistant inner lining to help keep your device's screen looking pristine. Each sleeve combines the ruggedized Neoprene with heavy-duty stitching to ensure long-lasting protection for your tech.