Our FlexARMOR line blends simplicity with state-of-the-art protection. The FlexARMOR line appeals to folks who appreciate clean-looking design; each sleeve is designed to wrap a specified device with form-fitting neoprene protection (neoprene is a synthetic rubber that maintains flexibility and protection under extreme temperature conditions). FlexARMOR is our flagship sleeve line and our best-selling.

USA Gear Cases

Duraneoprene and Stitched for Protection

Constructed of DuraNeoprene FlexARMOR, a lightweight, yet sturdy material, the fabric hugs to the body and lens of your camera for maximum safety. It offers protection from dust and low-impact bumps that can occur to your lens or LCD screen.

USA Gear Cases

Constant Defense

The FlexARMOR series features high-density Neoprene material designed to comfortably store and protect your device. The flexible fabric fits like a glove, snugly conforming to your gadget's shape for that perfect fit. The case showcases a scratch-resistant inner lining to help keep your device's surface looking pristine.

USA Gear Cases

Flexible Defense

Simply stretch the sides of the case over your device and the form-fitting neoprene will take care of the rest. The flap-style Velcro fold on top provides easy access your device while also keeping it secure at all times. The case comes with an interior media storage pocket for holding small accessories such as SD and micro SD cards. It is also equipped with a built-in belt loop and carabiner, making it a breeze to carry when on the go.