Action Mount

The Action Camera Mount Series is inspired by the amazing films we've seen people take using video sports cameras like GoPros. We wanted to create a line of mounts that would allow folks to affordably and securely take their sports cameras anywhere and anyplace they wanted to go. Whatever adventure you may have planned, we've most likely already thought of a solution to how you can capture your derring-do for posterity. No matter what your sport is, there is a mount for your camera.

USA Gear Cases

Chest Strap Positioning

The chest strap offers a ?'lower than helmet' point of view. This position is great for capturing shots of your surfboard, skis, snowboard, skateboard and more while still maintaining a steady view of the environment around you. See more of what you're doing with more hands and legs in view.

USA Gear Cases

Head Strap Positioning

The head strap can be worn over a helmet, hat or directly on your head. This position is great for capturing shots from a first person perspective while still maintaining a steady view of the environment around you. Share your narrative with friends and family like they are looking through your eyes. Perfect for snowboarding, cycling, climbing, skating, rafting or any other time you need your hands free.

USA Gear Cases

Toughness Meets Function

Bend the heavy-duty padded legs to configure your tripod for even the most uneven terrain - including sand, rock and dirt. You can also wrap them around a pole, railing, or chainlink fencing to capture perspectives and angles you never thought possible! With a locking quick-release plate, you can remove your camera in an instant - just snap it back on whenever you've set up your next scene! For those tough shots on the go, combine the legs as a hand grip or even wrap two of them around your wrist for incredible support and safety!