TrueSHOT Lighting

Some might look at our TrueSHOT line and see nothing but camera straps and diffusers or other camera-focused accessories -- however, we suggest you take a closer look. We wanted to offer accessories that went the extra mile, so if you look closely, you'll see lots of additional features. We're always trying to think of that extra feature that will truly make our TrueSHOT line shine.

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Crystal-Clear Images

Looking for an easy way to get higher quality pictures? The reflective-lined interior enhances your flash and spreads it out through the diffuser cloth, providing you with strong, even lighting! This helps to eliminate harsh reflections and fills in shadows to bring maximum exposure to your pictures. The natural lighting effect is perfect for shooting professional-looking portraits, close ups and more!

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Two-Sided Design

As all photographers know, the subject of your photo is the most important thing. Getting the perfect lighting for your next shot is everything. The TrueSHOT Flash bounce diffuser comes with two different color sides. The white side is the perfect diffuser to use in brighter settings, casting a soft, smooth light for great looking photos. Need some more light? No problem, flip the reflector around and you have a silver reflector. This side is perfect in low light situations where extra light is needed. It helps increase the range on your shots and produces more spectral highlights. The diffuser panel reduces shadows that eliminate the annoying "red-eye effect."

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Let There Be Light

This bounce flash diffuser is the perfect camera accessory for your speedlite (on camera or off camera). Designed with a translucent, reflective material, the diffuser provides the perfect amount of light for any situation. The soft fabric material gives it a light weight feel and lets you bend it into virtually any shape. The diffuser comes with an attached elastic strap that helps secure it to most speedlites and cameras. Its portable construction is perfect for taking with you on your next photo shoot or vacation so you'll always be able to capture your next shot in any setting.