The night is dark and full of -- light, at least if you use our NIGHTLUX brand of lighting products. We have solutions for camping, cycling and just about anywhere you want to drive the darkness back a bit during our nocturnal hours. Some of our NIGHTLUX products offer light even without a battery, allowing you to hand-crank and generate your own power when needed -- never worry about searching for a battery again. When you need light, reach for NIGHTLUX brand lighting products.

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Easy and Tool-Free Setup

The NIGHTLUX BLM uses CREE LED lights with multiple setting options. Choose between two flash settings and two brightness settings to fit your needs. The BLM also shines with 115 lumens in a 180 degree field of view so you can see everything in front of you as you ride! The power button lights up blue to indicate the BLM has full battery power and changes to red when the batteries need to be replaced.

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Powerful LED Light

Durable and versatile, this outdoor friendly lantern offers 360 degrees of area filling light. The lantern is equipped with 12 bright LED lights and 95 lumens that will never leave you in the dark. The lantern operates using three AA batteries (NOT included) and has a runtime of up to 10 hours. A simple twist release system under the lantern allows for easy battery replacement.

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Portable Design

Are you tired of navigating your way around hallways at night? With the FLH night light you no longer have to worry! With its detachable flashlight design all you have to do is remove the lamp from the charging base and carry it with you. It's perfect to use as a nightlight or in emergency situations where a simple flashlight is needed. Bright LED's illuminate surrounding areas to help you see at night or when the lights are off. Its lightweight build makes it easy to bring with you wherever you go.