Every videographer knows how important light is and how you can almost never have enough. For those of you who don't have the luxury of studio lighting and want to be able to capture life where it is lived, there is the VidBRIGHT brand of lighting solutions. VidBRIGHT offers phenomenal lighting for videographers on-the-go, with affordable lighting solutions that compare to lights often used for interviews in studios. The VidBRIGHT brand is the guerilla videographer's best bet for getting the perfect shots.

USA Gear Cases

Come To The Light

The USA GEAR LightLINK is a compact lighting system featuring 36 ultra-bright LED lights. Averaging 50x the brightness of your average bulb, a 50,000 hour lifetime and cooling color temperature, the LightLINK is the last light you'll ever need! The built-in diffuser spreads the light to provide even illumination, helping eliminate harsh reflections and shadows while simulating bright, natural light.