TrueSHOT Lighting Flash Diffuser

Soft Box Flash Diffuser with Dual Mounting for Canon , Nikon , Sony , Pentax
  • $14.99

ENHANCE Dual Mount Flash Diffuser

Looking for an easy way to get higher quality pictures? The reflective-lined interior enhances your flash and spreads it out through the diffuser cloth, providing you with strong , even lighting! This helps to eliminate harsh reflections and fills in shadows to bring maximum exposure to your pictures. The natural lighting effect is perfect for shooting professional-looking portraits, close ups and more!

External Flash Mounting

The diffuser works with most external hotshoe flashes. Simply stretch the elastic opening onto your external flash! Fits up to 3 x 3 / 2 x 4 / 1 x 5 inches.

Pop-Up Flash Mounting

If you don’t have an external flash, this diffuser also works great with most pop-up flashes. Just slide your camera’s flash through the slit in the bottom to use the diffuser with your dslr’s onboard flash.

User-Friendly and Portable

The foldable design goes from flat to soft box in just a few seconds. An internal reflective divider allows you to convert from external to pop-up flash mounting to accommodate a wide array of cameras and flashes. And at less than an inch thick, the diffuser can fit right in your pocket when folded up.


Altura AP-UNIV1 , AP-C1001 , AP-N1001 / YONGNUO YN560 IV , YN560 III , YN-568 EX , YN-560 II , YN600 , YN660 , YN-468 II / Neewer TT560 , VK750 II , NW910 , MK910 , NW670 , NW660 III , NW-561 , VK750II , YN-565EX II , NW320 , PRO i-TTL / Canon Speedlite 600EX , 430EX , 270EX II / Nikon SB-700 AF , SB-300 AF / Godox X1T-S , TT350S , TT685S , AD600BM / Powerextra / Sony HVLF20M / Flashpoint Zoom TTL R2 / Rogue , Photoolex , Bower and more Speedlites