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Action Mount

USA GEAR Tripod and Action Cam Mount

Smartphone Tripod and Action Mount Adapter with 1/4" Socket & J-Hook Attachment
Action Mount
USA GEAR Tripod and Action Cam Mount
Smartphone Tripod and Action Cam Mount Adapter with Standard Tripod Socket and J-Hook Attachment
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Unlock Possibilities

With this versatile mount, you'll open a world of high-quality video recording that you didn't think was possible! With near-professional HD and 4K recording on today's smartphones, the only thing you're missing is a way to set up the shots! This mount features a standard tripod socket, allowing you to mount your smartphone to pratically ANY camera tripod, stabilizer, skate dolly or monopod. An included J-hook adapter allows you to attach your phone to GoPro HERO accessories, like a head, helmet, chest, bike, wrist, handlebar, adhesive, suction, or clamp mount!

Packed with Features

In addition, the mount features adjustable arms that ensure a snug fit that conforms to your phone. No-slip rubberized feet boast an angled grip and safety lock to keep it secure. A quick-release trigger makes it easy to pop out your device or swap phones! A reflective mirror on the back even helps line up selfies when you use your rear-facing camera for higher-definition pictures!

USA Gear Action Mounts

The USA Gear Smartphone Tripod and Action Mount Adapter is the perfect companion for the wide selection of USA Gear action mounts! Be sure to check out the entire selection! Every USA Gear mount is backed by a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

The USA Gear phone mount fits smartphones from 5 to 6.75 inches long, 2.5-3.25 inches wide, and .1 to .5 inches thick (may not work with a phone case)