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Action Mount

Action Helmet Mount

Helmet Action Camera Mount with Quick-Release Straps and Extension Arm
Action Mount
Action Helmet Mount
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Helmet Mount Positioning

The USA Gear Helmet mount kit is perfect filming POV or selfies! Record your tricks, adventures and road trips first hand from a POV position. The included extension arm allows you to extend the camera out to catch your facial expressions during all the fun.

How Does it Work?

This mount works with any vented helmet design such as bike, ski, kayak and climbing helmets or any smooth design such as motorcycle, skating, or hockey helmets. For vented helmets, the durable strap base easily weaves between vented slots for a secure and sturdy connection. For smooth helmets, the industrial strength adhesive mounts to the front or side of your helmet.

All-in-One Kit

The J hook mount allows you to connect GoPro and other Action mount style cameras. The J Hook action mount is designed for full articulation, allowing the camera to lay flat during shooting. With the additional tripod screw adapter, you can also connect many compact cameras making this mount a universal mounting system. The extension arm can be used for better 180° POV filming.