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Action Mount

Action Flat Adhesive Mount

Flat Adhesive Action Camera Mount includes J Hook, Tripod & Right Angle Adapter
Action Mount
Action Flat Adhesive Mount
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Adhesive Mount Positioning

The adhesive mount makes it easy to capture footage anywhere by sticking directly to flat smooth surfaces. Film yourself or POV from stationary or mobile positions. Perfect for walls, tables, dashboards, snowboards, instruments and other flat surfaces.

How Does it Work?

The mount uses an industrial strength water-resistant adhesive to keep your camera secure while filming. Place the adhesive base in your desired position. Just peel off the backing, slide in the mount and you are ready to film!

All-in-One Kit

The J hook mount lets you connect GoPro and other Action mount style cameras. The J Hook action mount is designed for full articulation, allowing the camera to lay flat during shooting. With the additional tripod screw adapter, you can also connect many compact cameras. This allows the adhesive mount to be a universal mounting system for action AND point-and-shoot cameras. The extra right angle adapter allows you to turn the camera 90 degrees for different shooting positions.